8 Safe Travel Money Belts under $50

When traveling, your safety is something you should take seriously. Although the world is generally safe, you can’t deny the fact that many travelers have become victims of robbery. That said, it’s essential to take your safety seriously, especially when you’re traveling around the globe.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, investing in the best travel money belt can be a great idea. No matter how long your trip is, you can use this belt for your money’s protection.

If you’re traveling to other countries anytime soon, here are eight safe travel money belts you can buy under $50.

What Is A Money Travel Belt?

Primarily, quality money travel belts are affordable and secure. As defined, a money travel belt refers to an anti-theft accessory that you can fasten to your body to protect your valuable belongings such as money, passport, cellphone, and other small valuables while traveling.

Whether you’re running, swimming, or walking around the area, using a travel money belt can provide you peace of mind because all your valuable possessions are safe and secure. Unlike bags, this anti-theft accessory is less likely to be robbed because it’s usually worn under your clothing. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about if you take travel money overseas with you.

The Best 8 Safe Travel Money Belts Under $50

By now, you already know what a travel money belt is. This time, let’s take a look at eight of the best money belts you can purchase under $50. Just like any accessories, there’s a variety of options to choose from. So, it’s best to figure out what you want to make sure you’ll find the right item for you.

Let’s check these out.

  1. Peak Gear Money Belt

One of the most sought-after travel money belts is the Peak Gear Money Belt. Made from water-resistant nylon, this product is famous for its RFID Block feature that protects everything inside the belt bag. If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s also the perfect match because its two zippered pockets can store essential items such as money, credit cards, passports, and cellphone in an organized manner.

Roughly priced at $17, the product is also made with a high-quality belt strap, which is completely adjustable based on your fit. Unlike other money belts, it comes with a $250 theft insurance policy that protects your valuables in the event they’re stolen.

  1. Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure abroad, then using a Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt can be an excellent travel buddy. With its stretchable design, you can keep as many valuable items as you like including larger mobile phones.

Another best thing about this travel money belt is its four wide zippered pockets that prevent any of your belongings from falling out while you’re running, hiking, or even sightseeing in the place. Lastly, this belt is also affordable, as you can have it at a price ranging from $22.99 to $32.99.

  1. Mind And Body Experts The Belt Of Orion

It’s another safe travel money belt to consider because of its ability to protect your essentials from cold or hot water. The belt, which can be bought at approximately $30, is made from a water-resistant fabric, making it an excellent solution for keeping all your items securely.

When it comes to its size, the money belt can accommodate both large and small items. Thanks to its main pouch because it can fit all phone sizes and its three pockets for storing small items such as money, keys, cards, and many more.

Aside from design and quality, this product comes with an elastic strap, which makes it more comfortable to wear around your waist.

  1. Alpine Rivers Money Belt

Comes with robust zippers and excellent stitching, this Alpine Rivers Money Belt is one of the best options. It’s specifically designed to cater to different phone models, and the hidden pocket at the back can be used to keep travel money securely. Also, the individual compartments of the money belt allow you to organize stuff like credit cards and passports.

Although the fabric is combined with the latest RFID Block material, this product is available at more or less $16. It also has an elastic strap that fits waists measuring 26 to 56 inches.

  1. Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Money Belt

It’s one of the most popular travel money belt brands available in the market. Sold at approximately $25, this soft silk-made accessory can keep your money in one pouch without worrying about getting robbed. That’s because of its two zippered pockets that enable you to organize your things like money, keys, cards, and other documents. Also, this undercover travel money belt is comfortable to use all day long.

If, for example, you’re going to Europe for a quick trip, you can buy euros and have them securely kept in your money belt.

  1. Eazymate Fashion Running Belt

This money belt is also a travel-favorite accessory. Eazymate Fashion Running Belt is a modernized money belt because it’s made from spandex and lycra, giving you more freedom of movement.

If you’re a hiker or an outdoor traveler, using this money belt can be one of your top choices. Another feature that makes it exceptional is its ability to accommodate different types of belongings. It has a zippered pocket intended for smartphones and other pocket compartments to store other valuables such as money. At more or less $20, you can have it in a full range of sizes.

  1. Jasgood Travel Security Money Belt

It’s a one-of-a-kind money belt for travelers because it really looks like a usual belt but with a secret money pocket. Made from nylon and plastic clasps, Jasgood Travel Security Money Belt can accommodate some bills, passport, or a key in a safe manner.

Thus, if you’re having a quick wellness vacation in Aegina Island or other nearby destinations, this money belt available at a price ranging from $6 to $23 can be a great travel accessory.

  1. Zero Grid Money Belt

It’s also one of the best money belt brands preferred by frequent travelers. It has enough compartments to keep currency notes, credit cards, and cellphones safely and securely. Aside from its flexibility and durability, Zero Grid Money Belt has RFID Block and concealed passport and wallet that gives you an extra layer of protection for all your valuables.

Moreover, this product is made of a quality fabric that makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Priced at $15, it’s an affordable travel money belt that’s suitable for your daily outfits.


Money and other personal stuff are essential when traveling. That said, it’s best to think about how you’re going to carry a lot of safely all day long. So, if you don’t want to screw a lot of your travel plan up due to stolen money, keep the above options in mind when finding the perfect travel money belt for your needs.