Project Description

12th Aegina Fistiki Festival | 17-20 September 2020

In 2008, a group of people with vision and enthusiasm created the Aegina Fistiki Fest, the Pistachio Festival of Aegina, the major festive event to take place in the Saronic Gulf. The main aim of this event, which was embraced from the start by the Aegina Municipality, is to promote and support the cultivation of the unique pistachio known internationally as the “Aegina Pistachio”. FIND THE LATEST NEWS ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE


Various famous singer – composers: Eleftheria Arvanitaki; Melina Aslanidou; Kostas Makedonas; Philipos Pliatsiskas; Thanos Mikroutsikos; Christos Nikolopoulos were all centre stage, watched by appreciative audiences of many. Along with great dance groups, musicians, and theatrical shows, the unique Opening Ceremonies have helped create wonderful festivals full of colour, music and song!

Trade Fair

The Aegina Fistiki Fest is one of the bigger commercial and economic event in the region. More than 20,000 visitors browse and buy from the many booths featuring pistachio cultivation, and sweet-making along with many other artists and craftsmen who, with their unique techniques and talents, present their imaginative creations.

The pistachio freely lends its unique taste and texture to many sweet and savoury gastronomic creations, as well as inspiring the makers of jewellery, pottery and arts and crafts. The trade booths are proudly adorned with green and fucsia – the colours of the precious PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) pistachio – and the visitor will find unique products at excellent prices.


Authentic cultural taste ‘experiences’ from each region, the art of enjoying choice food. The aim of the gastronomic team of Aegina Fistiki Fest is the quest for, and creation of, new tastes; the promotion of traditional and local products; the organising of gastronomic seminars; and the melding of Greek cultures and folklore; as well as delicious interactive games of taste with childen. Famous chefs visit the island every year for the Fistiki Fest and present their new recipes to enthusiastic audiences.

When the world’s largest Pastelli, made of Aegina pistachios, was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, it was a very special moment for the island!

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Most of the activities are taking place in Aegina town.


Aegina is known as the artists’ island. Hundreds of painters, sculptors, photographers, potters – both visitors and locals, and “lovers” of the island decorate yards, gardens, halls, streets, and different parts of Aegina with their works. Among them are many internationally famous artists. Impressive and original artistic exhibitions are a great draw – such as the “Artists Tour”, and the original exhibitions at the Archaeological Museum and Aegina’s traditional fish market.

Children’s entertainment

Aegina’s Fistiki Fest undoubtedly deserves a place in the childhood memories of the hundreds of young visitors who come to the colourful children’s area at the Markello Tower every year, from early in the morning to late in the evening during the Fistiki Fest, the area is full of the sounds: of fairy tales being told; of music and dance; the sounds of interactive and experiential games – in short, the sounds of young people having their own festival!

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