How to get to Aegina island

Athens International Airport

Closest airport to the island
Athens International Airport, called Eleftherios Venizelos, is the closest commercial airport to Aegina, located 25 km outside the centre of Athens. It is a modern airport and has a lot of facilities, such as free Internet access from several computers installed in the departure hall.

Important information concerning booking your airplane ticket
When you book your airplane ticket, take care that you are not arriving much later than 15:00 and leaving, on the way back, earlier than 12:00. Otherwise you will not be able to make it to the island the same day, or are able to reach the airport in time. Have in mind that the boat timetables can varry according to the season.

From the airport to Piraeus

By Train
The direct transport by train from the Piraeus terminal, to the port to Athens airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is a fact. The trip lasts 63 minutes. The ticket price is around 10 euros for a one way ticket, around 18 euros when you buy a return ticket. The trains leave every hour. More information and timetables to be found at the website of Trainose.

By shuttle bus
The most economical way to reach the Port of Piraeus is to take shuttle bus. You will find the shuttle bus when you leave the arrivals hall. Take shuttle bus X96, which takes you straight to the Port of Piraeus. During the day, there is a bus leaving during the day and about every 20 minutes, during the night, they run every half hour. The bus stops several times on the way, the Port of Piraeus is about the last stop. Tell the bus driver you are going to Aegina. You get off when you see the Port on your left side, enter Gate E8, this is where the Ferries and Flying Dolphins are departing to Aegina and the other Saronic islands (Agistri, Methana, Poros, Hydra & Spetses).

The price of the ticket is € 6.00 and is valid for 24 hours. You may use the same ticket on the bus, trolley bus or the metro. Depending on the amount of traffic, the trip from the airport to Piraeus may take between 60 and 90 minutes. At the airport you must buy your ticket at the small ticket office located next to the shuttle bus stop. In Piraeus you also buy your ticket at the ticket office next to the bus stop. Have small change ready when buying your ticket, they don’t always have enough change available! Inside the bus you must validate your ticket in the orange machine.

For timetables and more info about Athens Airport Bus X96 click here.

By taxi
When you are looking for a bit more comfort you can also take a taxi from the airport to Piraeus (to Gate E8). When leaving the airport, please make use of the taxi queue next to Door 3 of the Arrivals Level. Taking a taxi is usually quicker than the bus (of course dependent on the traffic). Some drivers do the ride in 30/45 minutes, so put your seat belt on! The charge will be about € 50,00 (day rate). More taxi price information.

When you are looking for a STRESS FREE taxi service (driver is waiting for you in the arrival hall of the airport or at the port with a sign with your name on it + FREE WiFi in taxi, cool bottled water etc etc) for a very good price, make your reservation with the taxi service that I’ve selected. Lots of satisfied clients made use of this taxi service. Click on the below blue button to make your reservation. AIRPORT TAXI RESERVATION

By rental car
You may also rent a car at the airport and drive to Piraeus yourself. The main suppliers are all based at Athens Airport where you can book direct. The earlier you book the better the prices. To rent a car at the airport is a good option if you also plan to visit the Peloponnese after or before you visit Aegina. There is a ferry connection (not very regular) between Methana (on the Peloponnese) and Aegina.

How to get from the port of Piraeus to Aegina island

The Piraeus port is divided in various gates. The ferries and Flying Dolphins travelling to the Saronic islands Aegina, Agistri, Methana, Poros, Hydra & Spetses are leaving from Gate E8. There are large signs in the port area so you will easily notice where you need to go. E8 is located at the east side of the port. The Ferries are lined up at one end of the quay and the Flying Dolphins & other high Speed vessels at the other end. There are connections from Piraeus to Aegina town, Agia Marina (only in summer months) and Souvala (only in summer months) on Aegina island. From those villages it is easy to get yourself to other villages on the island, either by car, taxi, bus, motor bike or bicycle.

Ferry timetables, prices & tickets

It is easy to buy your boat tickets at the quay. It is also possible to buy them online. Click at the below orange button to see the timetables, prices and to buy your tickets online. FERRY TIMETABLES

To Aegina Town

By Ferry
To go to Aegina you can take the ferries of Saronic Ferries or take the Agios Nektarios Ferry. Prices of tickets you can buy from around € 8,00 for a one-way ticket. You might get a better price when you buy a return ticket. The trip with a ferry will take between 60-90 minutes). You will find the timetables at the ticket offices on the quay, the entrance door of the ferry also displays the departure time. You have to buy your ticket at the ticket offices, but if you are late they will also let you buy your ticket on the ferry.

By Flying Dolphin
There are 2 Hydrofoil companies: Blue star ferries and Aegean Flying Dolphins. The price for a single ticket is around €14. The trip with a Flying Dolphin will take only 40 minutes. You can find the timetables at the ticket offices at the quay and online. You have to buy your ticket at the ticket offices, you are NOT able to buy a ticket on board the Flying Dolphin. FERRY TIMETABLES

To Agia Marina

The “Agia Marina – Aeginas” Ferry is connecting Piraeus with Agia Marina. This trip will take about 60 minutes and will cost around € 13,00 for a single ticket. if you buy a return ticket you will get a better price. You can buy the tickets on the quay. The boat connection to Agia Marina is working from end of May, half of June until end of August / half September  (to be sure check their website).

To Souvala

The “Menekratis” Ferry is going directly to Souvala. The trip will take about 60 minutes. You can buy the tickets at the quay. This boat connection to Souvala is working from on average from June until October. Ticket price is around € 7,50 for a single trip, if you buy a return ticket you will get a better price. You will find the timetable online here or at the ticket offices at the quay.

By Water Taxi to Aegina island

In case of emergency or strike it is also possible to arrange a water taxi. The water taxis have a fixed price for the trip, if you are with more people you can divide the price by the amount of people. Price indication for the trip Piraeus – Aegina will be around € 30* per person on a day that the ferries are on strike. The Taxi can carry around 20 passengers. (* prices can vary – this is just an indication)

How to get to your accommodation

By taxi
Upon arrival on Aegina town you will find a line of taxi’s just outside the port. Click here for information about the indicative taxi rates on Aegina island.

By bus
It is also possible to take the bus. Problem with that option is that the busses are not going very frequently. Click at below orange button for the bus timetables. BUS TIMETABLES

By rental car or motorbike
The easiest way to reach your final destination on the island is by a rental car or motorbike. A car or motorbike are the best way to discover the island. CAR, MOTORBIKE & MINIBUS RENTAL

By hotel pickup
A few hotels on the island are picking up their guests from the port. Ask if your accommodation have this service available when you make your booking.