More Than Gorgeous Views: Why Aegina Island Is Great For Your Wellness Holiday

Aegina Island was once hailed as the most beautiful Greek island most people have never heard of, so it’s not surprising that Aegina makes an ideal location for picturesque weddings. Beyond the wonderful visual sights, the island is also ideal for those seeking to revitalise their health and prioritise their wellness. That said, what exactly makes Aegina great for your next wellness holiday?

All-Natural Eats

Greece is well-known for natives that live long lives. Perhaps having extremely healthy cuisine that uses extra virgin olive oil is why. Give yourself a break from excessively fatty foods and enjoy the bounty of the island. Aegina is best known for its iconic Pistachios. Pistachios are high in potassium and vitamin B6, which is good in helping you maintain healthy blood pressure, according to the European Snacks Association. You can also try a Horiatiki salad, which is an all-vegetable salad to cleanse your system. Fresh octopus is available in Perdik, and you can watch them grill a fresh catch. So whatever your preferred meal, you can be sure of natural, healthy ingredients.

Unique Spa Treatments

Aegina is a great place for a wellness trip, as it was once known for its thermal hot springs in Souvalas, which were purported to heal various dermatological ailments. But since it’s been closed for years, what options do you have? Aegina has a unique clay called Paspara, which is rich in nutrients that can only be found there. Viva Med Spa says that clay has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce skin complaints, so using clay to create a face mask can prevent skin drying and irritation. You can try out the different spa offerings of hotels around the island, and you may be lucky enough to experience a Hamam or traditional bathhouse.

Yoga And Other Healthy Activities

One of the main contributing factors to unhealthy living is not taking part in simple physical activities. Aegina is a great location that enables physical exertion through its many available activities like hiking or walking around the island. Take a tour through the town’s harbour, and even visit the Temple of Aphaia to soak up the culture. If you do yoga, there are studios around the island. You may even visit Marathon beach for your yoga, since it’s normally secluded and is relatively nearby.

If you’re seeking a place for better peace of mind and a healthier body, Aegina just might be what you need. Not only do you get the perfect blend of history and culture, but you also get to experience things that improve your overall health and wellness. So the next time you’re plotting your next wellness holiday, don’t forget to add Aegina to the very top of your list.