What Makes Greece The Ideal Family Holiday?

If you’re thinking of a family holiday to remember, then chances are it’s not just hot weather you’re after. If you’re avid beach- goers then Greece certainly has plenty to offer. Many know Greece to be the home of ancient history and golden beaches, but its surrounding islands make it an incredibly diverse family holiday destination.

Fascinating history

While ball games on the beach and making sandcastles are all great fun for the kids, it’s also nice to give them a taste of some of the world’s most infamous historical sights. They can visit the Parthenon and see a monument that was constructed during 5th century BC out of the infamous glittering marble which gave it its imposing and impressive stature. You’ll find plenty of other historical sites in Greece, which are all surrounded by the country’s beautiful, hilly scenery.

Perfect beaches

Greece really does have the picture-perfect beaches that seem only reserved for holiday promotional shots. Its pale blue waters and soft white beaches are ideal for lounging or enjoying some water activities. Here are some of the best, and most-recommended Greek beaches to visit:

  • Elafonisi, Crete
  • Ornos Beach, Mykonos
  • Balos Beach, Crete
  • Agios Prokopios, Naxos

While Greece’s beaches may all be similar in terms of outstanding beauty, they actually have a wide variety to offer in terms of activities and climate. The windier beaches are great for those who wish to surf or kayak, and the calmer beaches are perfect for those who prefer to pick up their holiday read while the kids play in the surf.

Group activities

Greece’s vibrant and beautiful wildlife make it a brilliant place to visit on a group tour. Relaxing while someone else organises the hard work means that you and your family can enjoy your time abroad without the worry of what to organise next. You’ll find dreamy Greek island tours at Escape With Pro, such as a Regatta on the Ionian Islands, which will showcase some of Greece’s most beautiful bays, postcard-worthy islands and stunning sunsets.

Varied, healthy cuisine

Greece’s cuisine is not only some of the most flavoursome, but it goes perfectly with the dazzling sunshine and hot climate. Crispy layers of filo pastry and yogurt glazed with honey are the perfect cuisine to enjoy while looking at the aquamarine ocean. You’re bound to spot some dishes you’ll have tried at home, such as Taramasalata, olives with oil and Mousakka, but there’s nothing quite like trying them when they’re freshly made in their country of origin. With so many dishes on offer, even fussy eaters and picky children will have options available to them while eating out.

What makes Greece the perfect family holiday is that it has something for everybody. Sun-worshippers will be happy with its gorgeous weather, and those who enjoy a good museum will be impressed with the history on offer. Its laid-back, one-step-at-a-time lifestyle inspires a chilled-out attitude while you’re there, making it an enjoyable but ultimately relaxed family holiday.