Unique Vacation Ideas for the Avid Traveler

The beauty of travel is that it gives you the chance to do things you never thought possible and experience things you wouldn’t be able to try at home. This adventure is what draws people to many locations around the world, and if you’re an avid traveler, then this lure will also have you intrigued when planning your next trip. If the idea of a regular vacation doesn’t appeal to you and you’re not interested in seeing the same tourist sights as everyone else, then hunting for some new and exciting spots that have yet to be discovered by the majority of mainstream travelers is excellent for enjoying a unique experience.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out some of these fantastic spots to enjoy a vacation with a difference.

New Zealand

This country feels like a world away, and due to its unique position, it boasts a range of beautiful landscapes and unique towns, villages, and cities in both the North and South Island. You can travel easily between both locations and the transport links make seeing a variety of places simple for everyone. Its impressive scenery offers awe-inspiring views and areas such as Pancake Rocks on the edge of Paparoa National Park showcase just how beautiful the landscape can be.

Big Bear Lake, California

Vacationing at Big Bear Lake offers a special and tranquil experience for all ages. Its alpine backdrop mixed with the vast open waters of the lake gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. The area is great for families who love activities and the 60-mile plus pathways and trails surrounding the water are the perfect place to soak up the tranquillity of the area.

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is a top spot for tourists looking for sun-drenched sands, but looking a little closer at this destination you’ll be surprised to find some hidden gems. Not only can you travel to see Mayan ruins and historic sites around the city but also just off the coast of Cancun you can explore the Cancun Underwater Museum. This unique spot is home to over 400 life-size sculptures, which have been placed there to encourage coral growth. It is an extraordinary experience and one not to be missed.


If you’re looking to admire intriguing landscapes, then a visit to the Pamukkale Thermal Pools in Turkey is a must-see. These natural pools are filled with natural spring water and have created a cascading effect through various tiers. You can take a dip in these warm waters and experience the beauty first hand, just don’t forget to take some snaps as you have to see it to believe it.

There are a host of places that you can visit that create the ultimate vacation experience. By doing some research and broadening your knowledge, you’ll be able to go off the beaten track and discover something entirely unique to your holiday and have fabulous memories to share with family and friends.