The villages of Aegina

Aegina island is one of the Saronic islands. Other Saronic islands are Agistri, Salamina, Poros & Hydra. Next to that Aegina island belongs (together with the municipalities of Agistri, Hydra, Kythira, Poros, Salamina, Spetses & Troizinia) to the peripheral unit “Islands“. “Islands” is one the 8 parts of the periphery of Attika. The island of Aegina covers an surface of 87.41 km2 and a lovely nature, there are areas covered with a pine forests, there a some wedlands and bare mountains. Around the whole island you will find lots of beaches and spots where locals swim and are sunbathing on the rocks.

The municipality of Aegina island is subdivided into the following five communities: Aegina town (7783), Kipseli (1949), Mesagros (1603), Perdika (743) & Vathi (1474).
(population in 2001 in brackets). These communities include the villages listed below this text..

Almost all the villages are inhabited and connected by a concrete road and easily accessible by car or motor bike. Each village on the island has its own character. You can visit fishing villages, inland villages & mountain villages with stone built houses. The population of the island, normally around 13.500, can double in the month of August. During this period a lot of Athenians are spending the holiday in their privately owned holiday homes on the island. A lot of houses are only occupied during the weekends, at Easter time and the month of August.

If you are looking for a place to stay for your holiday, accommodation can be found in Aegina town, Aeginitissa, Agia Marina, Marathonas, Mesagros, Perdika, Souvala & Agii and Vagia. The biggest holiday village is Agia Marina. This summer resort with a big sandy beach offers a wide range of (lower priced) accommodation and is lively from June until the end of August.

Aegina town is the biggest community on the island. All year through Ferries & Flying Dolphins are connecting Pireaus with the main port in Aegina town. The port of Aegina is a populair sailors destination. Unlike most of the other villages on the island, Aegina town is lively all year through. There are restaurants, cafeteria’s, bars, shops, car & motor bike rentals, cinemas (3 summer and 1 winter cinema) a post office & various banks with ATM’s. Aegina town is a perfect base for your discovery of the island, particulairly in the off season months when the weather is not too hot.



Agii Agii (saints) lies on the coastal road, east of Souvala and has a dense pine forest. The houses here have a panoramic view over the mainland from Athens to Salamina. The coast line is rocky & beautiful. Agii



Alones Attached to Agia Marina is Alones. The houses in Alones are located on the left and right hand site of the road that leads from Agia Marina, to Aegina. There are 2 tavernas which serve traditional Greek food.



Anitseo Located high in the mountains. Anitseo can be reached from the road from Portes or from the road Aegina - Tzikides - Pachia Rachi. Anitseo has a lot of old traditional houses, some new stone built ones



FarosLeaving Aegina in southern direction on the coastal road you will pass Faros. You see some mansions on the left, a former hotel, a restaurant, a night club and the waterpark. Faros has many fields with pistachio trees and



Kanakides East of Anitseo, towards the sea, Kanakides is an abandoned village, though a small distance from it is a well which is regarded as the best in the area, to which people from other villages come to draw



Kilindras On the road from Aghia Marina to Portes you will find after a couple of kilometres a sign pointing to the road to Kilindras. The village consists of only a few houses. Some houses are inhabited and some



Kipseli Kipseli (which means bee-hive in Greek), is located on the northwestern plain of Aegina, though to the northeast of Aegina town. It is part of the municipality of Aegina town. The large, Byzantine-style, silver-domed church of Evangelistria, located



Klidi Small bay and deserted beach surrounded by beautiful houses on the south part of the island. On the hills of Klidi you find lots of beautiful new villas, as the area of Klidi became in recent years quite



Klima Next to Klidi and below the village of Sfendouri the area is called Klima. In summertime the sandy beach has some sunbeds but without a beach bar. The water is crystal clear and in the weekend lots of



Kondos Kondos (Kontos) is where the Church of Agios Nektarios is located, which is a major landmark on the island. Yearly thousands of people visit the cathedral and the monastery next to it.



Leonti The present "industrial area" of Aegina is located next to the Leonti harbour & sea side. Up the hill there is a small residential area. Water is being brought to the island by ship and a big storage



MarathonasHalfway on the road from Aegina town to Perdika you will find the populair village of Marathonas. Most of the houses in Marathonas are built upon the mountain from where you have an amazing view over the sea. Marathonas



Mesagros From the monastery of Agios Nektarios the main road from Aegina to Agia Marina continues through the fertile area around the large village of Mesagros (the middle fields). Mesagros used to be famous for his pottery. In



Paleachora Aegina's Medieval Village On a steep hill adjacent to the church and monastery of Agios Nektarios is located Aegina's version of Mystras* - Paleachora**, which means literally, "Old Town", and which was for a millennium (9th century -



PerdikaOn the Southern edge of the island lies the small fishing village of Perdika. This is perhaps one of the most picturesque spots on the island and still has the characterictics of the Aegean style of square houses and



Portes If you follow the road from Agia Marina in southern direction you will arrive in Portes. Here you will find peace and quietness. In August the village is more lively, even the small beach can be really busy.



Sfendouri Take the road from Perdika up the hill, you will arrive in the village of Sfendouri (Sfentouri). At a level of 240 metres above sea level you experience the most amazing panoramic views of Aegina. Stone built houses



Souvala Souvala can be reached directly in the summer months from Piraeus or it can easily be found by taking the coast road north and east from Aegina Town for about 10 km. Souvala is a fishing village.



Tzikides If you take the road from Aegina to Portes, you will pass Tzikides. It's an area which has become very populair during the past years for building big villa's. The views from Tzikides are panoramic and superb!



Vagia A little-known Aegina village When I moved to Aegina some 4 ½ years ago, a new friend, who had built a house on the island some 20 years earlier, saw an ad for a house for rent in



Vathi Vathi is built on the foot of the hill Dragonera. It used to be a agricultural and low populated area, but it has been developed rapidly after 1950 when Souvala became a holiday resort. Archeological finds have proven



Vlachides This village to the southeast of Mt. Oros bears the name of semi-nomadic animal herders found all over the Balkans (the Vlachs), and true to the village name, many of its inhabitants are involved with animals, along with



Vrohia Vrohia is situated on the left hill side just before Marathonas. Below at the water side, there is a small harbour with fishing boats and you will find next to the harbour on the beach the small church