The Many Benefits Of Retiring In Greece

With retirement comes an exciting feeling of new beginnings and endless possibilities in life. This is why many find the idea of retiring abroad in exotic locations to be so appealing. And with the beautiful Mediterranean weather, endless leisure activities to take up, traditional local culture, and excellent food, Greece is a wonderful option for many new retirees. With 8% of the Greek population being non Greek immigrants, the local and traditional culture is thriving and well, and amongst the most welcoming and hospitable in Europe. And so with the many benefits of retiring to Greece, there are a few considerations to recognize before making the move.

Low Cost of Living

One of the best benefits of retiring in Greece is the low cost of living. It’s generally regarded as costing half as much to live in the country than in the U.K., America, and Australia. And while this number varies depending on location, it still prevails as being very attractive for your wallet. For new retirees, this means that their money will go farther, but it’s still important to ensure the proper savings are required for entering the country. The best rule of thumb to follow is the four percent rule, which is the principle that if you can survive with a disposable income of  4% of your retirement savings per year, you will have enough money for your retirement. So if you have saved $500 000 for your retirement, then you have $20 000 to live off of annually, which goes the difference in Greece.

Ample Delicious Food

Greece is very much known internationally for their amazing food. With the traditional and classic dishes of olives and feta, to baklavas and moussaka, the options are endless. Greek food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and there is no better way to explore all the options than by visiting and living in the country. The dishes vary based on location, so it’s an incredible opportunity for retirees to explore all the different regional foods Greece has to offer.

Endless Travel Options

As a new retiree, travel may be a top priority, and living in Greece presents the perfect location for many destinations. The country itself has so many different islands to visit, from Aegina to Milos, to the bigger islands of Crete and Rhodes, and all offer dramatic and stunning coastlines. Greece is also ideally located in the Mediterranean, and is easily accessible to great international locations in the South of Europe, as well as Asia and Africa.

Greece is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it very much lives up to its name. Experiencing the country as a new retiree and living as a Greek has many benefits and is an attainable lifestyle for many.