The Best Way to Travel on European Vacations

On vacation, the journey is just part of the adventure, and can often prove to be the best bit. Traveling through Europe will open your eyes to beautiful scenery; from turquoise oceans to cobbled backstreets, everywhere you to travel to will be filled with amazing things to be seen. What transport you use can have an effect on where you go, what restrictions you have, and what you see along the way.

Rental Car

When you hire a rental car, the open road is yours. Driving will give you the option to go to many places that are off the beaten path, or that cannot be reached easily by public transport, even if its just a trip to the water park. When renting a car abroad, however, you should be aware of possible restrictions such as parking availability, having an up-to-date driving license and possible age restrictions in the country you are traveling to.


Trains are generally good around Europe and travel to most major destinations. The benefit of traveling by train is that they cover longer routes than many other forms of public transport and you will travel to your destination more directly and with less stress than when driving on foreign roads. Trains give you the additional, and most appealing, benefit in that Europe is home to some of the most beautiful train routes in the world, from dazzling lakes to historical old towns. However, there are factors to consider such as the fact that trains do not often pass regularly through smaller towns, they can be expensive and they might be unreliable due to floods and other weather issues.


Trams are quick and environmentally modes of transport and can be found scattered around European capitals such as Barcelona and Lisbon. Some older trams have also changed little from their historical counterparts, meaning that you will be experiencing an exotic slice of cultural history every time you travel.


You can use boats for practical reasons such as visiting small islands and even setting off on your trip. However, you can also travel by boat as a tourist attraction on whale watching expeditions and gondola trips around the canals of Venice. This variety of purposes is for a reason. Boat travel is one of the most exhilarating modes of transport on our list, with the rolling seas beneath you and land far away. However, traveling by boat is not for everyone and you should refrain from traveling by boat or take appropriate medication if you suffer from some forms of motion sickness.

Underground Trains

Underground trains are reliable and efficient modes of transport in larger cities. While they can often be crowded and people who suffer severely from claustrophobia and other phobias may find them difficult to navigate, underground transport is one of the quickest of the methods. Services are also offered to smaller locations and, with interconnecting lines and stations, you will be able to access this mode of transport from wherever you are in the city.

Transport can make or break a vacation. Deciding on the best transport for you will allow you to explore Europe at its finest, taking in multiple countries or even just the backroads of the city you are staying in.