How to Make Your Holiday Photos from Aegina Island as Memorable as Possible

Holidays are often some of the most memorable and extravagant times of our lives. Of all the things that we do and places that we see, the places where we spend our precious time away with our loved ones are among the most important. It is natural then to want to take as many memories home from your time away as possible. Capturing precious moments and immortalizing them in photographs is how most of us choose to commemorate our time away.

However, for those who are less experienced with photography, or who simply don’t have much faith in their skills, the worry of not being able to capture the experience properly is very real. Everyone today has a digital camera, so while in theory it is easy to discard photos that we don’t like and replace them on our cameras with better ones, this won’t help you if you aren’t sure how to compose your photos to begin with.

If you are preparing for a particularly special getaway to the beautiful Greek island of Aegina, this guide will help you to ensure that the photos you take are the best they can be.

Get Down to Your Kid’s Level

If you go on holiday with a large group of friends and family, there may well be some kids in the mix. It might be tempting to focus your photographic efforts on the adults involved, however, some of the best and most striking holiday photos possible are those of children. Children have a unique capacity for finding a level of joy and wonder while on holiday that seems to elude adults.

In order to get the best possible photos of your children, you need to be willing to, quite literally, get down to their level. By getting the camera down to their eye-level you will be able to capture holiday scenes just as they see them.

Raise the ISO, Lose the Flash

Most relatively modern digital cameras have a flash built-in. When you think about it, the idea behind the flash is rather ingenious – if the photograph is being taken in low light, the flash can be used to provide enough illumination for the camera to ‘see’ through the darkness. However, photographs taken using a flash (unless it is a very professional setup) often have a very distinct look which gives them away, and which most would consider to be an indication of an inexperienced photographer.

Instead of using the flash, it is better to raise the ISO (sensitivity) of the camera sensor. This essentially allows it to record more information from the same amount of light.


Taking brilliant holiday photographs is no good if you lose them immediately afterwards. Those who choose to take photographs on their phones will have no trouble in backing them up and sending them on to other people. However, for those who are still putting their photos on a computer or laptop, data loss can be catastrophic. If you find yourself unable to access a hard drive with your holiday shots stored on it, then approach a business such as Secure Data Recovery in order to assess whether your data can be recovered.

Taking memorable holiday snaps doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, by following some simple advice you can be well on your way to taking holiday photos that truly capture the essence of your journey.