Project Description

Take a private tour with a local person as your tour guide!

Take a private tour with a knowledgeable local person as your Aegina tour guide! Below some suggestions for tours but ofcourse the tours can be adjusted to your needs.


Private Tour of Aegina island

Duration 4 hours 30 min

  • First you’ll visit the beautiful old village of Pachia Rachi. Many of its houses are over a century old and most of them were in ruins and have been restored.
  • Your next stop will be the coastal village of Portes
  • A drive through lush pine forests along a scenic coastal road will take you to the resort of Agia Marina where you will be able to have a stroll around and, if you’re hungry by this time, enjoy a meal.
  • From there you’ll make your way up to the magnificent Temple of Aphaaia which is one of the best preserved Doric temples in Greece.
  • The Byzantine village of Paleachora is situated in the centre of the island. All that remains standing are 33 quaint churches that dot the hillside. You can walk along old footpaths and enter some of the churches.
  • Then on to Aegina town with her neoclassical buildings, busy fish market and graphic port
  • If you would like to, you can end your tour with lunch and a swim

Perdika and Moni island

Duration 4 hours 30 min

  • Perdika is a quaint fishing village with taverns, coffee shops and shops overlooking a small harbor. There is a small beach surrounding the harbor and a walk around this beach will take one to bunkers, built by German forces, who occupied the island during the second world war.
  • After a walk, and perhaps a refreshment at one of the coffee shops, you will take a small boat across to the island of Moni. Moni is covered in pines and there are many pea cocks roaming the island that are usually very tame and are always grateful for a treat from visitors. The sea around Moni island is clear and there is an abundance of sea life – which makes it an excellent spot for snorkeling.
  • This is a great trip for children who enjoy the boat ride, snorkelling and the animals on Moni island.
  • Moni island is a lovely place for picniques so this is also an option. or you can take the boat back to Perdika and visit a tavern for a taste of some delicious local cuisine

Churches and monastiries of Aegina Island from Byzantine times to today

Duration 4 hours 30 min

  • Saint Nektarios is one of the two patron saints of the island. No expense has been spared to build this beautiful church in honor of him.
  • The Byzantine village of Paleachora is just behind Agios Nektarios’ church and the humble room, where the second patron saint of the island, Saint Dionysis, lived is situated about halfway up the hill of Paleachora.
  • According to legend, during its heyday, there were 365 churches on the hillside of Paleachora built in amongst the houses but this legend has not been substantiated by archaeological proof.
  • Now only 33 churches remain standing and ruins of a further 37 have been confirmed.
  • Chrysoleonntissa was built on a plateau up in the hills in the early 17th century. The nuns who run it are kind and hospitable. They have always welcomed me with a piece of Turkish delight and a glass of cold water. One of the nuns has always kindly shown my visitors the interior of the church with its precious old icons, beautiful wood carvings and lovingly painted frescoes,

Vrouva farm sanctuary

Duration 3 hours

  • A very old horse, an injured racing horse, an extremely temperamental young horse, a pony, two donkeys, three sheep, many cats and dogs and some geese have found refuge at Vrouva farm sanctuary. Many of the animals here have sad life stories and most of them were rescued from very bad situations.
  • Costas has spent many hours building a barn, stables and enclosures for the animals. Alexia has nursed many of them back to health, and other volunteers help with feeding and cleaning on a daily basis.
  • Come and meet the animals and some of the people who take care of them in this beautiful, tranquil place.
  • After a visit to Vrouva we can go for a swim and for lunch.

Walking tour

On a walking tour you will experience the natural beauty of Aegina island. Aegina has a wonderful variety of flora and Thyme, Sage, Lavender, Rocket and Oregano are some of the herbs that grow wild. After the first autumn rains, when Cyclamen and Crocus appear, fields become green and colourful. In spring we are treated to a spectacle of carpets of colourful wild flowers covering hills and fields.