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Project Description

Mariza swimming paradise

If you are looking for paradise, this spot comes really close! Mariza is a small platform built in the natural rocks of the coastline. It is your jumping off point for spectacular swimming in the deep clear turqoise sea. Mariza is nestled at the end of a small path that is running from the village of Limenaria. When you are in the centre of the village, you will see a painted arrow on the wall of the local taverna pointing into the direction of Mariza. At the end of the path steps lead you down to the platform. 

It is really worth an early visit to swim in these deep and clear waters, surrounded by the sheer rock faces which make up the geography of this part of the island. You can jump from the platform in the deep sea or take the swimming ladder. The best time to swim here is early in the day and before about 2 or 3 o’clock the afternoon.

Bring your snorkeling gear, something comfortable to sunbathe on, an umbrella and refreshments for a longer stay. There is only room for a very few people at Mariza, but most of the times this spot is not crowded at all!.