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Aponisos beach

Aponisos is situated in the south west side of Agistri Island. It is a private island located in a wonderful area which seems to be forgotten by time, maintaining its natural beauty as it used to be hundred years ago. Since of couple of years the private island is open for visitors from June 1st till October 15th.

On this small paradise island, the visitor is able to rent umbrellas and sun beds, so as to enjoy swimming in the turqoise water around.

Aponisos is one of the fourteen islands of a cluster well known for its natural beauty and clear blue waters. The wider area is known to the vessels owners, as its gives incentive for exploration in all levels. Although Aponisos does not provide building facilities (deliberately in order to maintain balance of the environment), its place and structure of the coastline is one of most favourite anchorages. This occurs because of the opportunity given to the passengers of the vessels to have tasty food at the tavern located at the entrance of the island, but also relax on the sun beds, while having their swim at the small bay, the golden sand and turquoise waters.

Regardless the way someone would visit Aponisos, most of visitors enjoy snorkelling and discovering its bottom and residents. One thing is for certain, people coming for snorkelling will stay pleased from their catch. On the other hand, people who enjoy scuba diving will be impressed by the formation and quality of the bottom. Except for people that like adventure, couples coming to Aponisos find the atmosphere very romantic.