Exploring Aegina By Motorbike

One of best parts of visiting Aegina is the compact size of the island. The Greek Reporter found that Aegina remains the favourite island of Athenians looking to get away, and it’s for a good reason. Thousands of years of culture and beautiful scenery are packed into 87 square kilometers, meaning you’ll never get bored, but you’ll also never have to travel far. As a result, travelling by motorbike can be a great way to experience the island.

Vehicle flexibility

For those who haven’t ridden much in the past, there is a great variety of motorcycles, each suited for a different purpose. But when it comes to Aegina, the beauty is that anything will do: an off-road bike will do the same job as a modern sports variant. The island is not particularly mountainous, with the highest peak reaching 532m, according to mayoral community website, TheMayor.EU. With that in mind, a motorbike will take you halfway up the highest point on the island, meaning the walk itself will be short – useful during summer heat – and allowing you to take in the views. Elsewhere, the 160m high temple of Aphaia is accessible, again by motorbike, and provides views and culture.

In the city

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the only way to access the island is via boat. Having a motorcycle naturally benefits you in that regard. Once on the island, the ancient towns benefit those who have the manoeuvrability to get around. The small towns of the island date back to the earliest history of Greece; as the Ancient History Encyclopedia notes, Aegina was once a maritime power. As a result, much of the old layout of the towns remain, with small, winding roads. Having a smaller vehicle will help to navigate the cities and check out some of the sights, like the temple of Aphaia and the monastery of Agios Nektarios.

Island hopping

Aegina acts as a great base to experience some of the surrounding islands, which, while not having the same depth of character, make great half and full day trips. Once again, a motorbike gives you an extra level of flexibility to be able to hop onto the ferry and explore for example Agistri island. After the trip you can return to the comfort and history of historic Aegina.

Aegina is small but mighty, a packed powerhouse of food, drink and Greek culture. The perfect way to get around is on two wheels. The speed and flexibility of a motorbike is the perfect answer.