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Klima beach

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    The Sandy Beach of Klima is located on the south side of the island, next to the bay of Klidi. During the week, it is a quiet beach but during the weekends it can be quite busy as the bay is a popular anchor bay. If you look from the beach upwards the hill you see the houses of the village of Sfendouri.

    Those who like snorkeling and diving will find many good spots here at the south side of the island. When you snorkel close to the beach and next to the rocks you are already able to see many fishes.

    There is some confusion about which bay is named Klima and which bay Klidi. You can find maps where Klima is named Klidi and vice versa.

    During the summer months you will find a beach bar with sunbeds and umbrella's.

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    18010 Klima, Aegina island