6 Destination Ideas for Your Next Winter Vacation

Some people love the frosty air and strange beauty of the winter season, while other people find themselves stockpiling scarves at the first signs of fall in anticipation of the cold air. However, whether you are a huge fan of the winter or not, there is no denying that this is a great time of year to head out on holiday. Whether you are the type of person who races towards the winter sport resorts, or whether you are more inclined to head towards the sandy beaches and warm sun, here are some destination ideas to help you find what you are looking during the winter months.


Rome is a hot spot for tourists, with lots of wondrous and famous landmarks on store for visitors to this historic city. Therefore, if you don’t mind braving the cold air, one of the best times to visit Rome is during the winter season, because there are much fewer tourists lining the streets and blocking your view of the sights.


If you are looking to escape the winter chill, then Dubai can offer you the perfect retreat destination. With its warm winters and exotic local, Dubai really makes a one of a kind vacation location. Plus, if you really want to have a little taste of winter, you can always visit the indoor ski slopes in the city.


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, a place which is famous for its idyllic scenery; but while Wellington has a lot of commercial appeal, the main draw to this region during the winter holidays is the warm weather. December to February is the summer season in New Zealand, so if you don’t mind a long flight, this provides the perfect destination to escape the winter chill.


While the winter months aren’t the cheapest time to visit Thailand, it is the best time of year to travel to this region of the world if you would like to avoid the monsoon season. While it’s true that there might be more tourists at this time of year, that also means that there are more amenities available to accommodate even the pickiest of travelers. Plus, you can enjoy the pleasantly hot weather while appreciating an entirely different lifestyle and culture to the western world.

Park City

Park City in Utah is the perfect location for winter sports enthusiasts to spend their winter vacation in. Not only is this the ideal place for hitting the slopes, but Park City also offers a range of other attractions, including the Sundance Film Festival in January. If you want to stay amidst all of the action, your best bet is to stay in a Park City main street hotel, where you can reach everything the city has to offer with ease.

Cape Town

If you want warm weather, spectacular views, and a rich heritage, then Cape Town in South Africa could be the ultimate winter vacation spot for you. The cities beaches, markets, natural wonders and gardens, really make this a one-of-a-kind place to visit.