4 Clever Transport Travelling Hacks

With summer well and truly here, it’s now time to begin thinking about getting away and enjoying fun in the sun and time off from work. Before you leave, ensure that you’re all ready to go by packing your bags in advance and taking essential items with you like sun cream, SPF lotions, after-sun cream, and insect repellent (especially important you’re travelling to a country with a hot climate), sensible shoes, appropriate clothing, and travel insurance. Airports, especially, can be stressful places, so think about already sorting your toiletries into clear plastic cases and taking something to drink to keep you hydrated. In some cases, travelling can be half the fun, so consider preparing snacks and fun games if you have young children to try and entertain. Below are four clever hacks to help you stay happy and healthy while travelling to your final destination for your summer getaway.

Hire A Car

If you’re keen to touch down and get exploring straight away, then consider hiring rental cars for the entirety of your journey, for a few days, or even a single day. Doing this is especially handy if you want to visit many places in a short space of time and don’t want to have to pay for taxis to get you from A to B. You can find that you’ll save cash doing it this way, and you’ll have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Why not then hire rental bikes and explore the area by cycling to destinations as well? It is especially useful if you’re in a built-up area and you want to avoid congestion charges.

Book Ahead Of Time

It’s important not to forget about the many benefits of booking ahead of schedule. If you know you’ll have to catch trains, coaches, or buses during your time travelling, then book tickets as soon as possible to save money. Once you’ve ordered your tickets, you can relax knowing you’re one step closer to ensuring your travel plans go ahead smoothly and without hiccups along the way.

Overnight Flights

These flights are frequently referred as to “red-eye flights,” and for obvious reasons. Boarding one of these flights means that you don’t have to spend a full day travelling in the daylight and missing out on the fun on the ground. Flying at night also allows you to miss the rush hour traffic en route to the airport, and the large queues of people waiting to get checked in and to board. By taking an overnight flight, you’ll also save on travel expenses too as you’re actively reducing the number of overnight stays you’ll need in your hotel. If you’re the type of person who can fall asleep anywhere, then travelling during the night could be a sensible option for you.

Travel Apps

Before you travel, search for appropriate apps that are working in your chosen destination.  Look for ones that explain underground travel using maps, taxi and cab services, language translation apps, as well as ones that find discount and saver deals to help you save money.