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Boat information & timetables Aegina
TIMETABLES - click here
Click on the above link if you would like to check all the online timetables of the Aegean Flying Dolphins, Hellenic Seaways Flying Dolphins and Ferry boats, Nova Ferries as well as the Agios Nektarios in one table.

The above companies also have their timetables on their own websites. The timetables of the Alexandros you can only find on their website and not on above link. The Agistri Express has no website, timetables are on this page.

Call +30 22970 22328
For automatic timetable information by phone. Unfortunately this information is only available in Greek. First pick day of the week and after that harbour.

Will there always be a boat?
All year round there are ferries connecting Piraeus, Aegina island and Agistri island. Timetables are available online for the current month only and sometimes some months ahead. If you don't find the timetable online, it doesn't mean that there are no boats operating. It only means that the timetable for that period is not YET available. Only in case of heavy storm or strikes there are no boats! In case of a strike, there is always a water taxis that will travel from Aegina Port, this will not go to the Main Port of Piraeus, but to Marina Zeas (very close to Piraeus port). If you want to learn if boats are travelling, please get in contact with the phone numbers on the right.


Where to buy
You can buy your tickets at the ticket offices on the quay in Piraeus and Aegina. If you are late and not able to buy the ticket at the ticket office, you can buy a ticket on board of the ferry. This is NOT applicable for the Flying Dolphins. You CAN NOT buy a ticket at the Flying Dolphin. Tickets for the Agistri Express can be bought on board, also the ferry to Moni is paid on board (€ 5,00 for a return ticket). The money for your trip with the water taxi you also pay on board. You can even make a reservation or buy your ticket online through the companies' websites.

Kids & student rates
Tickets for small kids are FREE. Agios Nektarios Ferry starts charging from 4 years old up and some from 5 years up (Aegean Flying Dolphins & Hellenic Seaways). Some companies offer also special student rates.

Discounted rates
With most companies the price of a return ticket is cheaper than 2 one-way tickets. Also, prices may be a bit lower if you travel on less busy hours. There are discounts available when you buy a package of 20 or 40 tickets. Look for more information on the websites of the companies or ask at the ticket offices.

Group discount
If you are travelling with a large group of people/ school children you can get tickets at a discount.

Travelling from Aegina to Agistri island

From Aegina town you can take various boat to Agistri. The Flying Dolphins are going to the village of Milos. The Ferry is going to Skala and the Agistri Express is stopping in Skala as well as Milos.

Adult ticket
Aegean Flying Dolphin: € 05,50
Hellenic Flying Dolphin: € 06,50
Agistri Express: € 05,00
Hellenic Seaways Ferry: € 02,60
Car ticket  
Hellenic Seaways Ferry: € 10,00

Travelling with pets
It is not allowed to have pets in the enclosed lounges on the ferries, you can accompany your pet in the outside open areas.

Handicapped travellers
On the website of the Nova Ferries they mention that boarding of handicapped travellers or people with special needs will be carried out from the left side of the vessel through the escalator. The vessel's purser will assist you here. Also on the Nefeli of the Hellenic Seaways Ferry you will find an escalator. On the Flying Dolphins, you will be assisted by strong hands while boarding.

Other useful telephone numbers
Port Police (+30) 22970 25734

Note: Prices and other information can change without prior notice.

Flying Dolphins

Aegean Flying Dolphin Aegean Flying Dolphins

Piraeus - Aegina town
route: Piraeus - Aegina town - Agistri

duration trip: 40 minutes

price single ticket adult: € 13,00
price single ticket kid: € 07,00
more price information  

telephone Aegina: (+30) 22970 25800
telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4121654
telephone Agistri: (+30) 22970 91221
website & timetables

Hellenic Flying Dolphin
Hellenic Seaways Dolphins

route: Piraeus - Aegina town
route: Piraeus - Aegina town - Agistri

duration trip: 40 minutes

price single ticket adult:
(Piraeus - Aegina town)
€ 13,50
price single ticket adult
(Aegina town - Piraeus
€ 13,00
price single ticket kid: € 06,75

price single ticket adult
(Aegina - Agistri)

€ 05,50

telephone Aegina: (+30) 22970 24456
telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4190200
telephone Agistri: (+30) 22970 91470
timetables link database
timetables link PDF



Agios Nektarios
Agios Nektarios

route: Piraeus - Aegina

duration trip: 95 minutes

price single ticket adult: € 08,00
price return ticket adult: € 14,00
price single ticket kid: € 04,50
price single ticket car: € 20,00
more price information  

telephone Aegina: (+30) 22970 25625
telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4225625
website & timetables

Aegina Property Services - Aegina town Hellenic Seaways Ferries

route: Piraeus - Aegina
route: Aegina - Agistri

duration trip: 65 minutes

price single ticket adult: € 09,50
price single ticket kid: € 04,80
price single ticket car € 27,50

some hours they have discounted prices
price single ticket adult: € 08,50
price single ticket car € 23,00

telephone Aegina: (+30) 22970 25951
telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4171190
telephone Agistri: (+30) 22970 91171
timetables link database

Virtual tour Poseidon Hellas Ferry
Virtual tour Artemis Ferry
Virtual tour Nefeli Ferry

Nova Ferries
Nova Ferries
route: Piraeus - Aegina

duration of trip: 65 minutes

price single ticket adult: € 09,50
price single ticket kid: € 04,90
price single ticket car € 27,60

telephone Aegina: (+30) 22970 24200
telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4126181
  (+30) 210 4176792
  (+30) 210 4126528
website & timetables

Aegina Property Services - Aegina town
Alexandros ferry
route: Piraeus - Souvala - Agia Marina
will operate from ? in 2015

price single ticket adult: € 11,00
price single ticket kid:  

duration trip:
Piraeus - Souvala: 60 minutes
Souvala - Agia Marina - Piraeus: 90 min.

telephone Piraeus: (+30) 210 4821002
telephone Souvala: (+30) 22970 52210
telephone Ag. Marina: (+30) 22970 32234
website & timetables

Agistri Express
Agistri Express
route: Aegina - Agistri (Skala & Milos)

duration trip: 10 minutes

price single ticket adult: € 5,50
price single ticket kid: € 3

telephone : (+30) 6947 118863

summer 2013spacer
no boats

Water taxi

Various companies

route: Aegina - Agistri
route: Aegina - Piraeus
route: trips on demand

Jamaica taxi: (+30) 6944 535659
Christos Logothetis (+30) 6974 976900
Takis water taxi: (+30) 22970 91387
  (+30) 6972 229720
In case of strikes average cost of single ticket is around € 30 in daytime.

Small ferries to Moni island

Aegina Property Services - Aegina town
Local boat owners

Perdika - Moni island

duration trip: 10 minutes

price return ticket kid: FREE
price return ticket adult: € 5

There are no timetables available. You can find the small ferries at the quay in Perdika. They are travelling the whole day up an down to Moni from around 09:00 in in the morning until 20:00 at night in the summer season. Outside the busy months you can make arrangements to take you and bring you back again at an agreed time.

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