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View from Mount Oros towards Marathonas, Aegina town & Kipseli area

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Nature of Aegina

The nature of Aegina   The nature of Aegina
An article by Hanneke Franke
Do you like nature? Then you did well to come to Aegina. With its mountains, rocks, woods, sea and coastal areas, streambeds and wetlands, it is an ideal place for you to enjoy everything the island can offer you. But what are all these beautiful things that you can see?
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Eleones of Aegina   Eleones of Aegina
A sacred place
The Olive Grove - Elenones of Aegina, unknown to most, is situated on a mountainous basin, invisible and desolate. The monastery - to which the area mostly belongs - has managed to maintain the olives trees which are considered ancient as they are over 1,000 to 1,500 years.
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The Peliti Seed Bank   The Peliti Seed Bank
Preserving agro-biodiversity
Aegina island is gifted annually - in spring - with the distribution of some of the seed varieties (and seedlings from those seeds) collected from growers all over Greece by the Peliti Seed Bank.
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The Souvales of Aegina   Souvales
The old open cisterns and water supply
On all islands that lack an abundant supply of ground water, the inhabitants must develop ingenious means of diverting the ground water that exists, and catching the water during the rainy season. Read about the natural cisterns - souvales - of Aegina.
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Visionary, nomadic beekeeping   Visionary, nomadic beekeeping
About one of the few visionary beekeepers of our times
Visionary Adonis Tzitzis and his wife still produce Aegina's famous pure Thyme Honey called "H Panagiotara", after his father, and his son's godfather. "H Panagiotara" is just the thing for the herbal tisanes you will be making during the winter months
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