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Souvala & Agii on mapSouvala can be reached directly with the ferry Alexandros (no cars) from Piraeus, or it can easily be reached by taking the coast road north-east from Aegina Town (about 10 km). Until around the 1950's, Souvala was a small fishing village, but over the last 50 years it has grown in response to tourism in the area. Unlike some other villages, Souvala retains the atmosphere and flavour of Greece.

Aegina's second ferry port
Souvala has a crescent shaped harbour area with fishing boats moored. Souvala is the second ferry port of Aegina island. This means that many Athenians and people from the mainland come to Souvala which may explain why you will find a more genuine Greek experience here.  

Summer holiday village
Souvala can be used as your base for a holiday since there are several hotels, private houses and apartments to rent.  In the harbour area you will find a selection of tavernas and cafes which overlook the sea.  There are also shops, a super market, and newsagents.

The town is especially popular in the summer season among the Athenians.  Indeed, it is in the high season that the town bustles with a holiday atmosphere.  Families and couples stroll along the 'paralia', which is the paved area along the harbour, to enjoy the setting sun.  At night, you can see the lights of Attiki, Piraeus and the Athenian Coast. 

Beaches & watersports
There is a small beach just outside the village, called Loutra. Other places to swim close by are Agii and Vagia. The coast of Souvala follows the configuration of the northern morphology of the island: most of the beaches have shallow waters with sandy bottoms.

The name of the town is derived from the man-made underground water tanks including the ancient cisterns found in the rocks near 'Thermae', nowadays called 'Loutra'.  These were the mineral water springs located to the eastern edge of the town and have been known since antiquity.  The spa with its mineral laden waters was one of the best known in Europe.  Its curative powers extend to the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, skin and digestive problems.  Unfortunately the spa has been closed for years now.

The town - earlier called Aegena - has existed as a settlement since before Byzantine times.  During the 900 year period from 900 to 1800 AD Souvala dealt with most commercial traffic when the pirates forced the people inland to the hillside village of Palaiochora.  When Palaiochora was the capital of Aegina, it was Souvala that served all the sea traffic of the island. Souvala was for the first half of the 20th Century, the main port of Aegina exporting products such as grapes, sponges and carob. 

Today, Souvala is a good choice for a relaxing holiday in a traditional location or even for a day trip. When you are staying in Souvala, take the opportunity to make interesting walks through the small mountains of Agii or walk up to Palaia Chora, visit Agios Nektarios or even walk to the Afaia Temple.  Feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the great panoramic views you will have while walking.

Hotel Xanthippi - Souvala - Aegina island - Greece Hotel Xanthippi
22 studios
telephone: (+30) 22970 52201
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Hotel Ephi - Souvala - Aegina - Greece
Hotel Ephi
32 rooms
telephone: (+30) (+30) 6944 443230
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Hotel Galaxy - Souvala - Aegina - GreeceHotel Galaxy
20 rooms
telephone: (+30) 22970 52944
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Hotel Saronikos starstar
telephone: (+30) 22970 52224
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Aethrio Guesthouse
Aethrio Guesthouse
key ratingkey ratingkey ratingkey rating
10 rooms
telephone: (+30) 6977 461 582
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Hotel Ela Mesa - Souvala
Ela Mesa
key ratingkey ratingkey ratingkey rating swimming pool available
14 rooms / apartments
telephone: (+30) 22970 54022
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Irides studios & apartments - Agii - Aegina island
Irides studios
key ratingkey ratingkey ratingkey rating swimming pool available
15 studios, apartments & bungalow
telephone: (+30) 22970 52215
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Hotel Mistral - Souvala - Aegina Greece Mistral "hotel"
key ratingkey ratingkey ratingkey rating
12 apartments
telephone: (+30) 22970 53858
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Athina studios - Souvala - Aegina island
Athina studios 
key ratingkey ratingkey rating swimming pool available
15 studios
telephone: (+30) 22970 52445
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Ero studios - souvala aegina
Ero studios
key ratingkey ratingkey rating
10 rooms / apartments
telephone: (+30) 22970 53260
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Michalis key ratingkey rating
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Kaykalas Nikolaos key ratingkey rating
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Magdalena key ratingkey rating
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Souvala studios key ratingkey rating
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Xarami Evangalia key rating
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