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Animal Protection Aegina Agistri

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    Animal Protection Aegina Agistri is a Greek charity founded in 2006 and a founding member of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation (PFO). They operate a private shelter for approximately 100 dogs and a charity shop on Aegina island. They are funded by their members and supporters. Each year they feed, vaccinate, treat and sterilize about 500 dogs and cats. They also run an adoption - and neutering program.

    How it all started

    In 1996 packs of dogs were running around Aegina town so the mayor gathered some 40 of them and put them in the former prison/ orphanage and asked some local foreign women to look after them, at their own expense. Dogs were fed with donations of vegetables, rice and chicken and volunteers cooked and cleaned every day. Then an official Greek charity was formed in order to apply for funding for a neutering program. That was when a dedicated group of volunteers started looking after the strays of Aegina. The volunteers may have changed over the years, but the commitment to help stray animals has not. The result is that thousands of cats and dogs have been rescued, neutered, homed and/or offered medical treatment since 1996.

    Adoptions of dogs

    For information on adoptions of puppies or mature dogs, visit their English Facebook page, Greek Facebook page, their German website or contact them by email or telephone.

    • The shelter staff will be able to help you choose the right dog for you
    • They will inform you of your rights and obligations as the owner of this dog
    • By signing an adoption contract (required by law) you agree that the dog you choose will be given parasite control and vaccinated, neutered at the proper age and microchipped with your name.

    Neutering programs

    1. Neutering program for owned dogs
      This is partially funded by Friends of the Strays of Greece. Owners pay 20€ per female and 15€ per male. If interested in the program, please send your name and phone number to [email protected]
    2. Neutering program for stray dogs
      APAA will cover the cost but they cannot take responsibility for the dog. If you are feeding a stray dog and are able to take it to their vet and look after it following surgery, then they can put this dog on their list. Send an email to [email protected] with your name and phone number.

    How you can support Animal Protection Aegina Agistri

    • You can adopt a dog from the shelter
    • Help an animal in need
    • Neuter your companion animal and encourage your friends to do the same. Neutering not helps to decrease the number of strays, it will also keep animals healthier.
    • Help Animal Protection financially:
      • Sponsor a dog for 30 euros per month and improve the life of one dog at the shelter (visit the Facebook page for more information) You can visit the shelter and walk the dog and get to know it. Some dogs really need friends 🙂
      • Become a member of the Circle of Friends for 50 euros per year
      • Donate any amount into their Alpha Bank account
      • Donate any amount through Paypal
      • Donate dog and cat food and medicine (get in contact for more specific information)


    Dog shelter management

    The Dog Shelter is managed by a three employed staff

    Elena Foudouki - shelter administrator
    Andreas Founourakis - shelter manager
    Vangelis - assistant to shelter manager

    (picture from left to right: Vangelis, Elena & Andreas)

    Charity management

    The charity is managed by the below committee

    Irini Molfessi - President
    Vice-President - Katerina Athanassiou
    Treasurer - Karin Adrio-Appel
    Secretary - Elizabeth Koubena

    (picture from left to right: Karin, Elizabeth, Katerina & Irini)


    Frequently asked questions

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    I’ve found a puppy on Aegina what can I do? 2017-11-17T13:20:07+00:00

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    During my holiday I found a dog, the shelter is full and now I am leaving. What to do? 2017-11-16T17:39:56+00:00

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    I found a dog, I can take care of it temporarily at my home, can you help me find a forever home for the dog? 2017-11-17T13:20:46+00:00
    Can anyone adopt a dog? 2017-11-16T17:22:25+00:00

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    Can a dog be adopted in any country 2017-11-16T17:23:25+00:00

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    What are the costs involved when I adopt a dog? 2017-11-16T14:42:31+00:00

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    Is the shelter always full? 2017-11-16T17:24:18+00:00

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    Can I visit the shelter? 2017-11-16T14:47:33+00:00

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    How will the life improved of a shelter dog when I sponsor that dog? 2017-11-16T17:26:00+00:00

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    Are the dogs in shelter the whole day locked in their cages? 2017-11-16T17:31:59+00:00
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    I am a vet, can I volunteer? 2017-11-16T14:46:25+00:00
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    Are there fines for animal abuse? 2017-11-16T18:48:21+00:00
    How do I recognize a animal that has been poisoned and what can I do to save it? 2017-11-17T17:04:33+00:00

    Unfortunately still lots of dogs and cats are getting poisoned on Aegina, although it’s against the law and totally unhuman! Although local authorities are aware of this situation, too little has been done to stop these practices, the killers are still around! Please read this following text to prepare yourself to save an animal in case of an emergency or learn what you can do to contribute to stop the poisoning! CLICK HERE FOR THE TEXT

    Are there any laws concerning animal abuse in Greece? 2017-11-16T18:47:54+00:00
    Is the shelter cooperating with the police on Aegina? 2017-11-16T18:50:48+00:00
    Had the Greek crisis an affect on the shelter? 2017-11-16T18:35:57+00:00

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    Does the shelter make money with homing and neutering dogs? 2017-11-16T17:29:57+00:00

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    Do you have a neutering program for cats? 2017-11-16T19:03:02+00:00

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    Do you home street cats? 2017-11-16T19:03:28+00:00

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    Why is your website only in German? 2017-11-16T17:37:55+00:00

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    Contact Information
    who to call for:
    Animal emergencies
    Elena +30 6972 921 110 or Andreas +30 6981 218 009

    General information
    APAA Information Centre & Charity shop
    Pan. Irioti Street 67
    18010 Aegina
    Telephone: (+30) 22970 27049 shop hours only)
    Daily opening hours: 10.00 to 13.30 (except for Sundays)

    Treatment of sick animals
    Aegina Vet Clinic: +30 22970 24942
    In case of emergency: Despina +30 6944 477 337
    Giannis +30 6944 444 857
    (APAA cannot cover the cost unless you make arranements with them first )

    Reporting animal abuse situations
    police +30 22970 22100

    To complain about stray animal situations:
    Sophia Hatzinas working at the municipality of Aegina +30 6948 262 486

    who to email for:
    General information, especially for neutering and sponsorship programs
    Elizabeth Koubena: [email protected]
    18010 Aegina town, Aegina island
    bank information:
    Προστασία Ζώων Αίγινας-Αγκιστρίου
    Animal Protecten Aegina - Agistri
    Alpha Bank AG (Greece)
    IBAN: GR5401401610161002002005793

    Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
    Frankfurt BLZ 500 700 10
    KONTO 177 61 7800
    Animal Protection Aegina Agistri is a Non Profit Animal Charity
    Registered in the First Instance Court of Piraeus
    No. 4432/14.04.2006