How to Show Your Gratitude to Holiday Hosts

How to Show Your Gratitude to Holiday Hosts

You’ve just spent/ the most sun-soaked, luxurious, tastebud-tantalizing week on a Greek island, enjoying the peaceful coves, ancient temples, and vibrant restaurants, and coming home each evening to find your apartment pristine and inviting. Hosts on holiday can take many forms: from hands-off hoteliers to local fountains of advice; generous waiters to knowledgeable guides. Often a holiday can be made most memorable not by the sights, but through the people who expose you to them. If you find yourself on the flight home thanking your lucky stars you had someone local to help you out, here are some ideas concerning how to show your gratitude to them.

Take Them Out for Food

If you’ve come to love the world-renowned Greek culture of warmth and friendliness, why not turn it around and, on your final night, treat your hosts to some of the country’s marvelous cuisine and a wide array of tasty beverages? The Greek obsession with eating out, often for hours at a time, and setting the world to rights is something best-experienced on the equal playing field of friendship, doing away with the host-guest relationship for an evening of curiosity and sharing!

Send a Card

It can often be the case that we only appreciate our hosts when we’re back home after a spectacular time away. If this is the case, and you feel compelled to acknowledge the positive influence someone has had over your holiday, then why not make a card with pictures from your special trip, personalized to the recipient, and send it with love to your host. They’ll appreciate the thought more than you know: it’ll be a mainstay on their wall forever more.

Positive Reviews

Although it’s not quite a personalized gift, a positive review on websites that guide holidaymakers to certain hotels and restaurants can really make a difference to a host involved in the tourism trade, or even to a whole island or country. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, snowballing into more and more satisfied customers. Best of all, it’ll all be true, so treat your host with kind words and reflections, and they’ll reap heartfelt pride and more trade because of it.

Invite them to Your Home

The very model of reciprocal affection, extending a warm and hospitable invite to your host to one day spend some time in your country, with your home as their base, is a remarkable statement of trust and fondness. They may never take you up on it, but the statement alone will be highly cherished and will inspire the recipient to continue their warm treatment of guests and visitors for many years to come. If they do decide to come and visit, you’ll have the wonderful experience of being a guide in your own home country and enjoying a taste of the tourist industry.

If there’s someone who’s made your trip wonderful from start to finish, you won’t regret making a statement to show how much their hospitality has meant to you!