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Skala beaches

The beaches of Skala stretch out from the port, right the round the coastline running to some pebbled and rocky areas as it reaches all the way along its coastal road to Milos. 

he main beaches are soft sand, which graduate gently into the sea on a soft sand shelf with no sudden changes in depth. Children love playing in the calm waves and parents can relax secure in the knowledge their little ones are safe.

It is possible to walk all the way round the coastline from the port side to the beaches lying along the main street of Skala. However, there is also a pretty cut through next to the church in Skala. This run of beaches is a little pebblier than those on the port side of the island. The swimming is slightly more challenging for unexperienced swimmers but nevertheless still safe and, again with no sharp depth alterations.

All of the Skala beach areas are serviced by nearby cafes. These businesses are obliged to charge for the use of sunbeds, although the general rule of thumb is that if you are a guest of accommodation with its own beach, those charges are included in your room price and for those attached to cafes and tavernas, if you are purchasing refreshments the charge can be waived.