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    A visit to the island of Moni, opposite Aegina, is highly recommended for nature, sun & sea lovers. Enjoy it's fantastically clean waters and beautiful nature with its animals, the only inhabitants of the island. Moni lies at a short distance from Aegina island and there are regular boat connections from Perdika throughout the summer months. The small boats disembark at the organised sandy beach on a cove on the north coast of the island, within 10 minutes you will reach this paradise location, ideal for children!

    A beautiful forest stretches out beyond the beach with its turqoise waters, clambering up the slope of a steep mountain and covering almost the whole of the northern area of Moni. The rest of the island is bare with rocks at its highest point which tapers off into a cone. Those who like hiking will enjoy the climb to the top. You don't have to be very experienced to walk up, bring some good shoes and a big bottle of water. At the top you will find 2 stone built sheds which were used during the second world war by the Germans, (to make sure no enemies were entering the gateway to Athens), today serving as a hideway for the animals living on the island. If you have reached the top, the view towards Aegina island, and Perdika in particulair, is amazing.

    In the sixties, the island hosted a campsite and was a very popular weekend destination. Today, only the concrete bases under the trees and some old iron remind us of those days. For years there has not been a campsite any more (the closest campsite you will find on Hydra and on the Peloponnese). During the weekends and the summer months, Moni is a favourite anchor bay for sailing and motor yachts. From the end of May until the end of August, Moni beach bar and restaurant are open. They also rent out sunbeds and umbrellas.

    The colours of the sea at Moni are magic and the water is crystal clear. There is a small sandy beach, but most of the beach side is a bit rocky. There are parts where you can easily enter the water but it would be more comfortable to wear some water shoes.

    Different species of animals are nurtured on the island such as the Chamois Cretan goat-antelope (I am not sure, if they still are tere), deer and peacocks. Don't be surprised if you are standing eye to eye with Bambi! The animals are not at all affraid of people and love to check out if you have some food for them. They will eat out of your hand, so bring some carrots or bread to experience it yourself! On the other side of the island, between the rocks and caves a family of seals habitats, enjoying their quiet life. If you are sitting in Perdika at the harbour, have a close look at the coast line of Moni, you may spot a seal.

    How to get there

    Moni island can be reached from the village of Perdika on the south of the island. In the harbour of Perdika you will find a couple of small boats, at the first wooden floating pier, that are travelling up and down all day. There a no timetables, they will leave when they have gathered enough people. You will pay 5 euros per person at the start of the journey which covers also the return. No tickets are issued. Off season you will have to make an appointment to arrange the journey.

    There is also a boat going from the boulevard in Aegina town to Moni island in the summer months.This boat has fixed timetables.

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