3 Top Tips for Planning an Overseas Wedding

Nowadays, there is a lot of variation in the type of celebration people want for their big day. Some people like to keep it small, with only a few select individuals being present to witness their special moment; other couples may want a huge traditional wedding, involving a place of worship and inviting everyone that they know. One type of wedding which is growing more and more popular in recent years is the destination wedding. These weddings are often held in exotic countries with picturesque views as the backdrop when the bride and groom say ‘I do.’ While this might seem incredibly romantic, planning the perfect day can be difficult, and there are lots of things to think about before an overseas wedding can take place. With that in mind, here are three top tips to help you get started with planning your perfect destination wedding.

Set a budget

Any wedding can become expensive once you start factoring everything in, but an overseas wedding can be one of the costliest choices for a wedding venue. There are a number of reasons for this, such as certain items costing more in your chosen country than they would back home, or the cost of having to ship some things over. Therefore, it is first important to deduce exactly how much you are willing to spend on your big day, and then attribute a budget to each part of the wedding, such as setting a price for food and drink, and setting a maximum venue cost. If you find your budget won’t stretch to cover everything you will need, then you could consider trying to raise more money for your wedding. Some ways you could do this include: the help of friends and family, donations through crowdfunding, or by looking into Prosper reviews for loans.

Check it’s legal

Marriage laws can vary from country to country, so it is vital that you check whether it would be legal for you to get married in your country of choice, and also determine that you would still be legally married when you return home. For example, some countries have residency requirements which state you must have lived in the country for a certain amount of time before you can marry there, whereas others don’t allow same-sex marriages. If you find that you can’t get married in a location that you had your heart set on, then alternatively you could consider getting legally married at home in a registrar office, and then hold the wedding ceremony with all of your friends and loved ones in your chosen location.

Consider the logistics carefully

Destination weddings can be beautiful and unique, and the place you choose to get married will forever hold a significant place in your heart. However, they can also be notoriously difficult to plan, so you need to make sure that you have thought all of the logistics through carefully before deciding to go ahead and book anything. For example, consider how many people you would like to attend your wedding: can you afford to pay for all of their flights and accommodation? If you can’t, do you think they will be able to fund themselves? Looking deeper into this, you might find that half of your wedding party can’t afford to attend, and that would spoil your plans for your big day, so this is definitely something to keep in mind.