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People of Aegina

Memories from 1940s Aegina   Memories from 1940s Aegina
About Argyris Fortunas and his books
Interview with Argyris Fortunas, author of three books. The books are based on his vivid memories of the dark years of the German Occupation of Greece during WWII when he worked as an interpreter between locals and the German occupiers in Aegina.
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Gerarld Thompson   Gerald Thompson
Walker of Greek Paths
Interview with Gerald Thompson, author of A Walking Guide to Aegina. Gerald lives in a country house built for him in 1989-90 on the edge of the ravine that traverses the inland village of Mesagros, with a fine view of the 5th century BC temple of Afea on a high hill to the east.
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An interview with potter Nektarios Garis   Pottery and Food in the Old Aegina Village
An interview with potter Nektarios Garis from Mesagros
An interview with one of the last scions of the pottery-making families of Aegina - in the large spread-out inland village of Mesagros.
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All about the Temple of Afea   All about the Temple of Afea
An interview with Ernst-Ludwig Schwandner - archaeologist.
On the site of the Afea/ Aphaia temple, an earlier temple existed from 570-510 BC which was destroyed by fire. Its partial reconstruction is found in the inner portion of the Afea museum. This remarkable work was carried out by a man known locally by the Greek name Ludovikos.
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