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Museum of Christos Kapralos

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Museums & archives

The monastery of Agios Nektarios   The former house of Agios Nektarios
At the monastery of Agios Nektarios you can visit a couple of rooms where Agios Nektarios used to live.

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All about the Temple of Afea   The Aphaia/ Afea temple museum
The Afea museum is on the temple site. You will find some remains of the temple.
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  Archeological museum of Kolona
On visiting the museum you will find 3 main halls where you can while away an interesting hour or more to examine the surprising number of artifacts. In the entrance area you will be greeted by a marble Sphinx. This is a votive monument of the early classical period (460 BC) which was dedicated to the Temple of Apollo. It is an exceptional sculpture which has the head of a woman and the body is half eagle and half lion. The Sphinx was excavated from the Kolona site in 1903.

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Christos Kapralos Museum   Christos Kapralos museum
Among the greatest of 20th century Greek artists, Christos Kapralos (1909-1993) worked in this studio on Aegina's north coast every summer for 30 years. Located 1 km east of Cape Plakakia lighthouse, and marked by a large bronze statue of his mother, the museum displays many different pieces of art ....
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  Historical & Folklore museum
This museum is housed in a neaclassical building (1828) in main shopping street of Aegina town.
You can visit a Aegenitean room, a Fishermans room and a village room. All rooms are fully decorated with paintings, costumes, furniture and decorative items.
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Governors house   The Governor's house
The historic Document of Aegina works since 1989 and housed in the historical building of the Governor House. There are gathered the documents of the prisons, the peace court house, the schools, the Municipality , the communities, maps, engravings, old newspapers and old books that concern Aegina. ...

Governor’s House, which was home to the country’s first seat of government and mint in the 1820s (Aegina is also considered to have minted the first coins in Europe in the 7th century BC, the silver “turtle” -- a reflection of the wealth amassed through its extensive commercial ties with Egypt and Phoenicia). 
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Library Aegina town   Library "Kapodistriaki"
The library of Aegina "Kapodistriaki" is housed in a one-floor building, next to the historical Governor's House in Aegina town. it was built by the German conquerors in 1948. You can find a collection of 35.000 books, some of them are old; rare publications from the first Aegina printing house. The library belongs to the national ministery of education and is lending books.

The National Library of Greece was founded on Aegina island by a decree published on May 15, 1832. It was originally named the "Public Library," with George Gennadio serving as its first supervisor. The original idea for establishing a National Library of Greece came from the philhellene J. Mayer, in an August 1824 article of the Greek Chronicle in Missolonghi, where Mayer had been struggling alongside Lord Byron for Greece's independence. Mayer's idea was carried out in 1829 by the new Greek government of Kapodistrias, who grouped together the National Library with other intellectual institutions such as schools, national museums, and printing houses. These were all placed in the Aegina's Orphanage, under the supervision of Andreas Moustokzidis, who thus became president of the committee of the Orphanage, director of the National Museum, and director of the National School.

At the end of 1830, the library, which Mr. Moustokzidis called the National Library, held 1,018 volumes of printed books, which had been collected from Greeks and philhellenes. In 1834, the Library moved to Athens, the new capital, and was first temporarily housed in the public bath at the Roman Market and then later in the Church of St. Eleftherios, next to the Cathedral and other important buildings
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