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Aegina Hospital – Saint Dionisios’ Hospital

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    The hospital in Aegina town is a private philanthropic hospital run by the church and administered by a 7-member council of unpaid volunteers. It has been in operation since 1921 and is supervised by the Metropolitan Bishop Ephraim. Agios Dionisios hospital is 10 minutes on foot from Aegina town.


    There are two doctors (General Practitioners) available at the hospital from 9:00-13:00 and from 18:00-22:00 daily. The doctors may not be available outside of this time frame, as they may be making house calls, so it is best for those needing to see a doctor outside of this time frame to go to the Medical/ Health Centre.

    The hospital provides the following services:

    Several small wards for in-patients with 28 beds. The care is excellent here, the atmosphere homely and the food home-cooked. Visitors are welcomed at specific times and the nurses are caring and efficient

    A - Two Pathological clinics: with the Drs Fani Axioti and Gregory Galani.

    B - Outpatient clinics:

    • Gastroenterological-Hepatological clinic with Dr. Nicholas Papiamoni.
      An appointment is necessary.
    • Endocrinology - Diabetes clinic with Dr Evdokia Haralabogianni
      (every second Monday from 8.00am to 13.30pm)
    • Orthopedic clinic with Drs Kiriakos Kalogrio (Monday  09.00-11.00);
      Areti Markella Chrisagi (Wednesday 09.00-11.00);
      & George Bogri (Friday 12.00-13.30).

    C -  Free clinics:

    • Ophthalmological clinic with Dr Evgenia Arximandritou.
      Appointment necessary
    • Urology-Andrology clinic with Dr Christos Komninos.
      Appointment necessary
    • Otorhinolaryngologist clinic (Ear, Nose and Throat) with Dr. John Petrakos.
      Appointment necessary

    D - Laboratories

    • Microbiological - Biochemical:
      Monday - Friday 07.30-13.30
    • X-ray Laboratory Class X-2, which features Axial Tomography, Radiological Systems: Mammograms, and osteocytometers
      Monday - Friday 09.00 - 13.00
    • Ultrasound laboratory: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 18.00-20.00
      and Wednesday morning from 10.00 am

    How hospital differs from Medical/ Health Centre:

    • The Medical Centre is state-run, while the hospital is church-run.
    • There are doctors at the Medical Centre on a 24-hour basis.
    • The Medical Centre ambulance goes only to Piraeus, while the hospital ambulance goes anywhere in Greece.
    • There is cooperation between Hospital and Health Center, including, for example, provision of oxygen if lacking by one or the other.

    Languages spoken by personnel

    Office personnel, the doctor (internal medicine) with daily hours, and the nurses speak English as well as Greek.

    More info & appointments

    For more information and appointments please contact the secretary of the hospital the telephone is 22970 24489 ext. 1.

    How to get to the hospital

    By foot
    Walk from the port of Aegina town into the direction of the tower of Markellos. Follow the street behind the tower to the right, cross one street and continue walking on the same street. After 200 metres you will find the hospital on the right.

    By taxi
    If you go by taxi, all the drivers know the location of the Aegina Hospital - Agios Dionisios. The taxi will charge you around € 5.00 for a ride from the port to the hospital.

    Contact Information
    18010 Aegina town, Aegina island
    (+30) 22970 24489 ext. 1