Paleachora – Byzantine churches

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[row][col size=”3/4″ ]Paleachora, deep in Aegina’s interior, is the birthplace of saints and has rightly been characterised as an island “Mistras” because of its many churches.

It was founded in 896 A.D. and the hill was full of life until 1537 A.D. when the infamous pirate Khayr ad-Dīn Barbarossa (“Redbeard” Ottoman-Turkish privateer and later Admiral-of-the-Fleet) looted and destroyed the settlement, razing everything to the ground, apart from the churches. In 1654 A.D. Paleachora was ransacked once more, this time by the Venetians and from then on was finally abandoned. There are about 35 churches adorning the hill today – silent witnesses to its turbulent history”.

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