A Walking Guide to 42 Greek islands (1987) by Gerald Thompson - page 3

For some years I had been aware that Gerald had written the first volume of a Walking Guide to
Greece, but I had always understood that there was no surviving manuscript. I had the names of
several publishers with whom Gerald had corresponded in 1987, and in December 2013 something
prompted me to try to contact them. I soon got in touch with Denise Harvey, now resident in the town
of Limni on the island of Evia. Call it chance, serendipity or divine intervention, but Denise, although
unable to publish the guide herself, valued her copy of the manuscript so highly that she had kept it
safely in her archives, even though, as is common in publishing, it had been sent to her on a non-
return basis. It is therefore thanks to Denise that I have been able to complete this transcription.
I would also like to thank Chris Knight for the cover photograph of Gerald, taken in Ithaca in 1972.
Chris and I accompanied Gerald on his visit to Greece that summer, which also included Mount Athos
(The Holy Mountain), Epirus and Lefkada.
David Royle
March 2014
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