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How to Show Your Gratitude to Holiday Hosts

February 14th, 2018|

You’ve just spent/ the most sun-soaked, luxurious, tastebud-tantalizing week on a Greek island, enjoying the peaceful coves, ancient temples, and vibrant restaurants, and coming home each evening to find your apartment pristine and inviting. Hosts

Animal poisoning

November 17th, 2017|

Unfortunately lots of dogs and cats are getting poisoned on Aegina, although it's against the law and totally unhuman! Although local authorities are aware of this situation, too little has been done to stop these

The Kleidona tradition

July 6th, 2013|

“Kleidona” in Homer meant something unknowable, but later on came to mean a form of divination. As a custom, it derives from ancient Greece and the wild Dionysiac festivals and it is mentioned in Byzantine

Celebrate Easter the traditional Greek way

May 3rd, 2013|

Greeks worldwide are preparing to celebrate their pascha or Greek Orthodox Easter. Considered the most important holiday on the Greek calendar, Orthodox Easter’s uniqueness lies more in the week leading up the event rather than the actual religious holiday.

The Lady Lent

March 19th, 2013|

During my beautiful, carefree, childhood years the preparations for the celebration of Easter began during the last week of the Carnival. In our schools, every class, particularly the younger pupils, made The lady Lent on the Saturday (the school week was then six days!) before Cheese Fare Sunday! The materials were always the same, a sheet of cardboard, white on one side and grey on the other, a writing pad with its transparent pape r to copy the design, and some carbon paper for better results!