Aegina, which is one Greece’s Saronic Islands, is dubbed the Pistachio Island because of the numerous pistachio trees that you can see practically everywhere. This lovely island is also famous for its centuries-old Doric Temple or better known as the Temple of Aphaea, which is dedicated to the Greek Goddess, Aphaea.

If you desire to drive around the island with your family but worry about a faulty tyre or something similar, don’t worry. You can always order your vehicle’s spare parts including tyres from If you plan to travel from another country to Greece, you can take a plane to Athens airport, which is the nearest international airport to this island. From there, you can take a train to the Piraeus. Another way is to drive your Range-Rover Vogue or any other vehicle from wherever you are in Greece or a neighbouring country to Piraeus, the closest port to Aegina Island. From this port, you’ve got many options depending on your requirements. The ferry is undoubtedly much cheaper than the Flying Dolphin or a catamaran. If speed or getting to the island fast is your priority, then either the catamaran or Flying Dolphin would be a good choice. But if you wish to relax and enjoy the sea view on the deck or bring one of your New Cars, then the ferry is a better choice.

Once a true rival to Athens, Aegina is a lovely island with a beautiful waterfront, a meat and fish market, lots of cafes for a chance to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Also, this island is famous for its many seafood restaurants. So if you enjoy eating octopus, fish, prawn and other seafood, don’t miss a trip to this beautiful island. You also get a chance to try sea-urchins, which are popular here.”